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Cucina Sedona is a unique & charming shop established in beautiful Tlaquepaque in 2005. We specialize in functional & artisanal Southwest kitchenware and tabletop items such as ceramics, glassware, linens, serveware, specialty utensils, cookbooks & more! From the casual cook to the seasoned chef, we have inspired gadgets, gifts & tools for you! By purchasing handcrafted items from our own community and around the world, you’re supporting passionate artists and their work. 

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About Cucina Sedona

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Clay Dishes

Established in 2005, our specialty kitchen gift shop is in beautiful Tlaquepaque in a stunning Southwest setting. We’re passionate about flavor in our unique selection of bold and colorful glassware & linens for the table, handcrafted Southwest ceramics, Arizona coffees & bread mixes, cookbooks, and tabletop & kitchen wood & metal serveware. Our spicy specialties will tempt your palate and inspire you to embellish your kitchen and table with Southwest-inspired artisanal crafts! 

Our Mission

Our mission at Cucina Sedona is to seek unique, beautiful, and functional kitchenware and tabletop items from all over Arizona, the U.S., and the world to bring into your kitchen & home. We enjoy collecting local artisanal crafts because they showcase the passion, hard work and creativity of craftsmen in Sedona and elsewhere. 

Why Buy Handcrafted Items?

Besides benefitting our local economy, buying one-of-a-kind artisanal crafts means getting a product that is of higher quality. Our unique collection is made to last, and its production is friendly to the environment. By shopping at our specialty shop, you’re supporting craftspeople in our Sedona community, the U.S. and the world.

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Cucina Sedona is open daily, except Thanksgiving & Christmas days. Visit our store to shop our unique selection of handcrafted kitchen & tabletop gifts and specialty items for the casual cook to the seasoned chef!